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  • Networking and IT setup

    IT Security One Solutions provide complete support in building and managing your networks. We pride ourselves on identifying your needs and recommending the most suitable network for you. Upon your approval, our experts can even implement the suggested plans

  • Desktop and Laptop Repair Services

    We undertake all kinds PC related issues. We help our clients to choose the system suits for their requirements and there after we provide any day to day help they need to live with their computers. In addition to that we provide all kind of trouble shooting for your hardware and software to keep your system healthy.

  • Custom Web Design

    We thrive in an era where the Internet drives business. Our web design services demonstrate high quality content and professionalism. Both small and large businesses. functional websites that benefit their existing client base while providing boundless potential for growth. HCS's designers create the visual appeal while our expert programmers insure optimal functionality through dynamic and static content.

  • IT Auditing Services

    Whether you are starting a new business, moving to a new location, upgrading your existing technology, or just checking up on your IT service provider, the Network Audit has been designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the current state of your business's technology. Our comprehensive audit program will provide you with a non-biased assessment of your existing hardware and software systems...

  • Forensics Services

    IT Security One Solutions conducts investigations in strict accordance with all computer forensic procedures outlined by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and IASIS® to ensure the integrity, accuracy and validity of any evidence obtained. The significance of trace material as associative evidence relies on proper detection, collection, and preservation.

  • Storage

    Whether you are a residential or business client, we understand that the loss of data is detrimental to all. We are here to help you with the best preventive measures. We do everything possible to recover your lost data from the hard disk. We can also assist you with taking scheduled backup and cleaning of your system.

  • Software Development

    Efficient usage of IT will improve the competency of your business. Our experts can analyze your needs and can come up with efficient software solutions which can improve your business process and enhance the profitability of your business. We offer our services in many business domains.

  • Medical Code and Billing

    Collection Services
    Custom Medical Forms & Printing
    Data Entry
    Facility-Software updates
    Medical Billing Services
    Medical Records & Purging Services
    Patient Recall

  • IT Security

    IT Security one Solutions offers a wide range of security services to organizations of all sizes. Our security services provide protection across the network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners. Our services provide key controls for regulations including GLBA, PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and ISO 27001/17799.